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"5"Rs Beliefs of People Caring

  • Respect people as company’s treasure with due regards
  • Recognition of performance by praise timelessly
  • Reward by sharing company’s gain with people
  • Re-Training makes company and people grow together
  • Road Ahead unites company and people to build the bright future

"5" Principles

  • Principle of getting along - Frankness
  • Principle of people employment - Trust
  • Principle of management - Communication
  • Principle of business - Accumulation
  • Principle of trading - Insistence

"5" Core Values

  • 1st Clients; 2nd Staff; 3rd Shareholder
  • Always be unique and outstanding among others
  • Help others to achieve prior to self - advancement
  • Offer before attain
  • Plant the seeds and neglect the fruits

Our Vision

  • To become a world leader in the hygiene industry

Our Mission

  • To improve the hygiene standard of our community
  • To help our people to develop
  • To exceed customers' expectations

We > I

  • Benefits of the Team > Benefits of Person:
    See the big picture. Find the best solution. Understand others’ feelings and needs
  • Benefits of the Department > Benefits of Person:
    The team will empower you and your dream
  • Benefits of the Company > Benefits of the Department:
    We succeed, you succeed